Breakup Sex or Makeup Sex What’s Best According to Escorts?

Sex has always been the most pleasurable time of everyone’s life but there are some situations where having sex can change your life decisions.


Welcome to the debate about Breakup sex and makeup sex. According to las vegas escorts, both breakup sex and makeup sex are good in their ways but choosing or deciding which sex is best among both depends on several factors.


Escorts suggest these factors which determine which sex is best, as each sex has its perks and risks.


  • Reason:- breakup sex and makeup sex have their reasons as the name suggests, breakup sex is the last sex you and your partner had before breakup while makeup sex is the sex which you do after fighting to makeup or rebound again.


  • Arousal level:- There is a big difference in arousal level between breakup sex and makeup sex. Where breakup sex involves anger or dissatisfaction from the partner, makeup sex have more sexual arousal as it is about getting back together and have a healthy start again.


  • Pent-up feelings:- During breakup sex, the feelings in mind couple have are negative, less attraction, no love for another person while during makeup sex, there is a pile of forgiving feelings and joy of reuniting together.


  • Closure:- Closure defines the result of these sex as breakup sex is related to the closure of relationship whereas makeup sex is related to ending the argument or fight and all about getting back together again.


Tips for having good breakup or makeup sex


  • Mutual consent:- mutual consent is very important as this sex is one of those moments on which life’s important decisions rely on and thus if done forcefully, results might get worse than expected.


  • Low assumptions:- breakup or makeup sex is because of arguments or fights thus don’t expect to feel the same happy pleasure in these sex.


  • No manipulation:- Manipulating your partner for breakup or makeup based on sex is not right. This manipulation can cause more differences and is a part of forceful sexual assault as you try to make your partner have sex without his/her consent.


  • Preset expectations:- Setting expectations before going for sex in these situations is better to avoid any future conflict.


  • Keep communication:- According to vegas escorts, No matter what happens, maintain regular communication as these sex situations require consent and understanding which can only be established by communication.


Which one is better?


Even though both breakup and makeup sex have their benefits and risks like breakup sex can lead to new feelings and after separation, those feelings can cause mental and emotional pain and damages. Thus keeping in mind all the facts, perks, and risks

Makeup sex is better than Breakup sex. Yes, you heard right, makeup sex is better because no matter what conditions lead to it, makeup sex is a start of new relation, a beginning from argument to forgiveness.

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